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Jerusalem would eventually come to occupy four hills located on two ridges, the eastern ridge and the western ridge.These two ridges were each flanked by a valley, and separated by another valley as well.The Western Ridge was flanked by the Hinnom Valley, which ran along its western and southern slopes.

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It was where the elite and powerful of Jerusalem history lived and worked.

The northeastern hill would become suburbs known as Bezetha.

Tradition associates this Moriah with the mountain Abraham sacrificed his son Isaac on, though God interrupted and provided a ram instead.

This, however, is debated by scholars and historians.

The eastern ridge was flanked on the east by the Kidron Valley, which joined the Hinnom in the south and ran nearly parallel to the Tyropoeon on the other side of the eastern ridge.

The Kidron separated Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives in the east.

It was over this valley Christ would often gaze on Jerusalem and the Temple Mount from the slopes of the Mount of Olives in the New Testament.

Between the two ridges another valley ran, the Tyropoeon Valley, mentioned above.

The Dead Sea, at 1,292 feet below the Mediterranean, is the lowest point on earth and ten miles south of Jericho.

The two cities are separated by a mere 13 miles in distance, yet over 3,500 feet in elevation.

Water plays a significant role in Jerusalem history, as it does in the history of the Ancient Near East.

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