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We don't make fake dating profiles like many others. We pay a huge 75% on initial orders and generous 50% on renewals and we don't make our affiliates jump through hoops to get these rates, these are the default rates.

We understand that a super affiliate will send traffic to who ever pays the best and asking you to increase traffic for a greater share is just nonsensical.

Hi Warriors As i have stable dating sources with high targeted traffic i have dedicated a lot of time searching over to the internet for "let say" the best and most stable dating network (non adult) that pay per lead consistently and don't get so much into consideration conversations from lead to sale ( note: this don't mean that my traffic sources does not convert ).

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Does your current affiliate program make you use a spreadsheet to decode your earnings into basic values such as revenue per click and free joins.

Or make it near impossible to separate revenue by country, device and offer?

Their justification is, oh your traffic is real but sorry the conversation rate to lead per sale is low, in this case i think that has to do something with their dating network right?

Fake profiles or non active users, bad reviews etc etc.. Recently i have read good reviews related to affiliate program, i have try to reach them through e-mail because they don't have a sign-up form for affiliates into their site, but unfortunately i did not get any response for a long time!

We make it simple, we have one lander which we optimise to perfection and offer multiple brands with a clear target demographic.

Have you experienced an affiliate program that is always creating new brands, which is the same site as before?Written by a team of dynamic online dating experts who have generated millions from other dating affiliate programs, we understand all the flaws your current affiliate systems may entail.For example, our dating brands are professionally built and ethically run businesses.With multiple user billing methods, from credit card to cash we aim to convert every lead possible.This surge in online dating has led to a .5 billion industry in the USA. The next step is to search and find out whether each of these major sites has an affiliate program.You may have experienced affiliate skimming before when you promote two different programs and the free to paid conversion rates vary drastically from the same traffic sources, the skimmer offsets this with large CPA offers.

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