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It’s also important for parents to offer healthy food options in the home, make healthy choices themselves and to not assume blood glucose levels are automatically linked to food. ” after a high blood glucose reading can create conflict around food.

Finding help If you feel your teen is showing signs of Disordered Eating Behavior, it’s important to seek professional help for an accurate evaluation from a behavioral psychologist who is familiar with treatment of diabetes and of eating disorders.

This reducing or skipping insulin doses prevents their bodies from metabolizing the food they eat, unlike youth without diabetes, whose bodies automatically produce insulin in response to food intake. Research indicates that the risk for DEB in youth with type 1 is associated with well-known factors that affect most teens.

For instance, being depressed, wanting to be thin, having dieted before, having high standards for performance, and being Caucasian.

Examples of typical subclinical DEB include restricting the amount of food one eats and exercising in excess to lose weight.

In addition to these symptoms, youth with type 1 diabetes often report skipping or reducing insulin doses, resulting in glycosuria (excess sugar in urine) and "glucose toxicity" which is a further risk to health for youth with diabetes.

Some of these reasons have to do with the disease and its treatment.

While the rate of diagnosable eating disorders in all youth is relatively low, and subclinical DEB relatively common, teens with type 1 diabetes frequently report subclinical (not displaying or reporting symptoms often enough to reach a diagnosable level) DEB which is specific to having diabetes.

Thus it is not a surprise that higher than expected rates of subclinical DEB are reported by youth with type 1 diabetes.

Signs to look for Parents can look for signs of disordered eating behavior.

Visit the BRIDGE (Behavioral Research in Diabetes Group Exchange) website for help with finding a professional.

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