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Then he fucks her mouth and goes deep enough to gag her. She sort of agrees to blow him right, so he takes off the spreader and takes hold of the back of her head and does some deep throat fucking.

She cries and whimpers and shakes her head and her eyes water in a wonderful forced oral sex scene. Her mouth works soundlessly and then not so soundlessly.

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Asian submissives dating site

He moves around behind her and tells her he is going to fuck her and she begs him not to in a very convincing manner, although she doesn't get hysterical or overly panicked. When he penetrates her, Hazel's facial expression and cries are magical. She is play-acting and then she isn't play-acting and it is fun watching her move back and forth between the two states.

If she wasn't feeling some pain or discomfort, she fooled me. He smacks her ass a few times and you can tell she wasn't really expecting it.

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She starts out ball gagged, but he removes it in preparation for forcing her to fellate him.

She pleads "no please" and whimpers and generally makes known her reluctance to blow him.

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So he installs a dental spreader gag and cranks it open to the point where I thought it looked damned uncomfortable.

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