Are courtney and austin from the biggest loser dating

To anyone saying that this Song is Teen Spirit or Polly backwards and writing wrong chords: Rape me chords are A C E G , Teen Spirit F A# G# C# and Polly E G D C.

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It actually completely makes sense that Wal-Mart would sell items like guns and cigarettes, but not media objectionable material.

Here's why: Wal-mart didn't want to sell items with messages in them that may promote dangerous behavior if they were going to sell items that could be USED for dangerous behavior.

Rape Me was written before Nirvana became famous on the their first popular album 'Nevermind'.

All the crap about it having been written in reaction to paparazzi etc. Nirvana were an unknown little bar band traveling around in vans when Rape Me was written.

The lyrics had been given to him anonymously, and Cobain had no way of finding the author of the lyrics.

Cobain tried to rewrite the lyrics , keeping parts of the original and adding his own.

As a writer myself, I second the argument that Cobain wrote with the hope that his music would be, to fans, up for interpretation, and, therefore, lacked one specific feeling.

For the sake of my argument, however, it would make some sense for someone to beg (so to speak, relative to the song itself) to experience recurring unions of consented rape - statuatory rape.

To me, that's his genius, not being some guitar god or "the Voice for Generation X" He invites you to find something meaningful for you in his lyrics, be it serious or silly, but something that is yours. 11also he totes didnt kill himself he was murderd by kourtney!!

I really wish I could have be open to seeing this when he was here, but his words and music is still here and in a way, its like a generous gift to those who wish to guis4e!! he writed a song backwrds an then put sum deep lyricsw bout his derpresive side n how eh haetd all taht fame! All musical opinions aside, statuatory "rape" anyone ?

they were #1 at the end of 1991 and brought Grunge in to mainstream for the next four years and Alternative music in general for longer.

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