Angel deradoorian avey tare dating

Or do you think of each project as a separate branch? I guess it doesn't matter to me whether it's included in a body of work or not.

It turned out that we started devoting so much time to specific records, and we weren't able to do it as much. How do you think this Slasher Flicks record progressed out of where Animal Collective was with its last album, Centipede Hz?

It flows out of that: this whole idea of early rock 'n' roll, garage rock, and jazz.

It was really good to play music like that with people, but I feel like for Centipede Hz, the record became something else for us when we were in the studio, because we wanted to hone in on certain things in the music.

We ended up doing things that ended up making it not such a live record as much as, say, the Slasher Flicks record was.

Over the internet, sending stuff to each other, not in the same room.

We don't really intend to put that out on a record; I don't know what we'll do with that, but it's something we're messing around with.Portner's latest project is Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks, a new band featuring former Dirty Projectors member Angel Deradoorian and drummer Jeremy Hyman.Their debut, Enter the Slasher House, is Portner's most accessible record to date, with the trio playing melodic and relatively straightforward rock.It wasn't until Merriweather Post Pavilion that we thought, "This is more electronic, dance-influenced music, so let's have a deeper bass." That was the beginning of my interest in trying to figure out how to get the bass in there.But the thing with music like ours, is that it's hard to really find room for a lot of bass. That was definitely the goal — I wanted it to sound more like a normal bass, or like the bass sounds in old African guitar music, or dub music.I played all of the demos for the Animal Collective dudes and some other people, and out of any of them, they were like, "' Strange Colores,' man, that song's a jam." The other guys in the band weren't like, "No, this has to be an Animal Collective song! I played it for them in the context of other Slasher Flicks demos, and they were just saying that one was one of their favorites. Did you move to Los Angeles before making this record? I definitely feel like there's songs on the [Slasher Flicks] record that don't have the sunny, upbeat vibe that I associated with Los Angeles. Have you become more comfortable with being a singer over the years?

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