An error has occurred while validating the configuration settings

The trust level of the certificate indicates the actions for which you trust the signer.

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Create a function in your main plugin file for this.

We will need this same array later when running the processor, so having a function that we can use twice is important.

If the validation fails, we return an array that will cause an error to be displayed over the form and additional error message to show under the field that has failed validation.

This array has the following keys: That’s all you need. With a few changes that plugin could be all you need to add a custom validation processor add-on for your site.

If you are creating this plugin from scratch, start by creating a new directory in your site’s plugins directory.

Name that directory a useful name to describe what this processor plugin will do. Name the first file first file for the plugin’s name and add have a valid plugin header.

Or you may need to see if a field’s is in a certain range.

Another use for this type of processor is for adding invite code functionality to your event registration form, or user registration form created with the Caldera Forms Users add-on.

Now, in the file of the processor plugin, we just need to add one line to create the processor UI: Feel free to add additional HTML or even inline Java Script here.

Now we are going to add the pre_process callback function that will preform the validation.

It could even be the basis for a cool add-on plugin.

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