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Comedian David Cross and his fiancé Amber Tamblyn appeared on stage for the first time together at a comedy show in NYC on Thursday, and unlike most interviews with Cross, there was little mention of the "Arrested Development" movie.

Instead, the couple shared some intimate (and funny) details of their courtship to a sold-out crowd attending "Running Late With Scott Rogowsky," a live comedy talk show at The People's Improv Theater.

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"I was slow to make any moves because of our age difference, and also because she was a fan," Cross said after explaining how they'd often see each other around Los Angeles, at network Upfronts and awards shows like the Golden Globes.

Tamblyn immediately poked fun at his mentioning the age difference: "If anyone's wondering, I'm 14!

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" When Cross was asked to explain how he and Tamblyn got together, he gestured for Tamblyn to take the lead.

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