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Robeco Summer Nights, going on through August, is an excellent excuse to go.This picturesque village, a mere 30-minute bike ride from the city center, has somehow managed to hold on to its identity and a surrounding swathe of open green space between two of the city's hungry, southern-reaching arms.Several classy restaurants make use of the charming setting -- including one of our favorites, Jaimie van Heije.

If you haven't been to these late-night museum parties each November, you're only punishing yourself.

When else can you play cocktail-fueled dress-up or do arts and crafts in museums large and small, and then dance off all that cultural consumption until dawn?

Walk by this isolated fountain late at night, right around student-group hazing time, and you might stumble upon a square overflowing with magical bubble foam.

It's pretty damn magical -- just don't be the one to get caught trying to make it happen.

Gather up five to seven friends and hit up one of the many rental spots around town -- just remember you'll need a sober driver.

Yeah, it means blocking out a spot days in advance and getting up early and staying with your stuff…For more information see the Thalys rate conditions.Do you want to make another international train journey?You get 30 minutes to admire the view from 50 meters over the IJ, then it's down you go.Even if it's just for one of the free lunchtime concerts, go to experience what's been unanimously decreed as some of the best acoustics in the world.Thalys has a special youth fare to, among others, Paris.

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